Maximum Manuals provides flight departments with an operator specific NEF program. NEF programs that are aircraft specific are redundant and not cost effective. Per the FAA 8900.1, the following applies:

NEF is Operator specific & NOT aircraft Specific:

Para 4-897, Item B) - "Operators may use the deferral authority granted in the MMEL as a basis for developing an operator-specific program, approved through the MEL, that provides relief for inoperative, damaged, or missing nonessential equipment and furnishings located throughout the aircraft."

The NEF that we have developed encompasses all systems and components that a fleet department would encounter during this type of deferral process. The NEF also includes company specific policy and procedures that the FAA would require for a program of this type.

How does the NEF Order Process work?

  • Complete the form below.
  • Review the document to confirm there are no changes or conflicts with your current GOM/GMM policy and procedures.
  • Submit to your FAA for approval.


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