If you are interested in moving your operation towards a paperless cockpit by incorporating the use of an iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Maximum Manuals can provide a customized package for your operation within 48 hours. Our turnkey style program is designed for easy integration with your current training program, and provides your FSDO with all the necessary information to be approved for A061 Ops Specs.

Each package includes:

Package Pricing: $1000.00 (For 5 Make/Models. Additional aircraft $50.00/EA)

Revisions to Package: 1 customer revision and 1 FAA revision at no cost. All other basic revisions will be a charge of $250.00. Revisions that require more than 2 hours of re-write will be based on the time involved.

How the Process works:

  1. Complete the form below and submit.
  2. A credit card form will be sent you for completion so that we can process your payment.
  3. A Maximum Manuals Team Member will contact you to confirm your application has been received.
  4. You will receive the entire package via email along with your credit card receipt within 48 hours.
  5. A Max Manuals Technical Specialist will contact you to address any questions that you may have and ensure your complete understanding and satisfaction with the process.

Company Information

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Aircraft Data

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Misc Data

Your operation type(s):
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Pilot configuration:
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How many IPAD /EFB do you use in the cockpit?
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Do you use NOS Plates?
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iPad EFB FAA Application FAQ

01. Is FAA approval required to use iPads in Part 91 aircraft? Part 135?
Part 91 aircraft require no FAA approval to use the iPad. We can provide you with the references if needed.
Aircraft on a 135 certificate must have FAA approval (OpSpec A061).

02. What is the cost?
This application covers 5 aircraft and costs $1000. Additional aircraft are added at $50 per aircraft.

03. How many revisions do I get?
Two. The first revision will encompass changing the application to reflect your particular policies and procedures. The second change is to incorporate any changes your FAA inspector(s) require.
Additional changes are available at $250.00 per change and only on a "time permitting" basis.

04. What is the turn time?
48 hours or less after payment is received.
Revisions 1 and 2 are normally processed in 72 hours or less. Change orders that are not clear can take longer... please be as specific as possible with your change requests.

05. Is rapid decompression testing required for our iPads?
No, the FAA guidance is very clear on this point (we will provide you with this guidance) HOWEVER, if your FAA representative insists on RD testing, it MAY be in your best interest to perform the RD testing. This is between you and your POI.
If you need or want your units RD tested, we can suggest a couple of places that do it for around $200 plus shipping and handling.

06. What about Electromagnetic Interference testing?
FAA guidance states that EMI testing is the responsibility of the operator (you). Operators are developing their own "in house testing" procedures consisting of ground and flight testing. Work with your FAA and find out what they want to see from you, it is very simple.

07. Excellent, sign me up and I am going to buy a fleet of iPads tonight!
We recommend initially getting one/two iPad(s). We suggest testing them out to see how it works, and what programs work best for you. There may be learning curve as you learn to work with iTunes and experiment with different settings. Most people start over a couple of times before they get the hang of administering the iPads. Having a small number of iPads allows you to make changes quickly and easily.

08. What else is the iPad good for?
In addition to airport charts (Jepp and NOA), enroute maps and weather, we have partnered with CockpitDocs.com for a comprehensive solution to document management.

With CockpitDocs.com, you can keep all your documents on your iPad. They currently offer solutions to help you to move all your electronic aircraft manuals to the iPad and keep them updated. Services offered:

  • Capture data at the source - flight crews no longer have to fill our form after form during and after the flights. The data is simply entered into the iPad as it becomes available and the forms are produced at the end of the flight.
  • Print neat and orderly forms - Flight log errors can cost thousands of dollars if these unchecked errors are reported to your engine and maintenance programs. With CockpitDocs.com all your current forms can be printed at the end of a flight (or stored on your computer). Any form can be reproduced
  • Billing with ease - Flight crews that have captured all their data using the CockpitDoc.com solution can close out their paperwork as soon as the cockpit door is closed. It is even possible to bill a trip before the aircraft is in the hanger.
  • Monthly, quarterly, owner and internal reports - How much did you spend for hotels in July? How many days did your flight crew have rental cars? What is the cost per mile to operate my aircraft? With CockpitDocs.com, you can answer these questions quickly and easily. We can provide these reports in your current format or create new formats with graphs, charts and logos.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments and we look forward to serving you.