01. What is an aircraft questionnaire?
This is the list of questions the website will ask you to have your aircraft specific MEL created.

02. What resources are helpful to complete the aircraft questionnaire to have an MEL created?

  • The aircraft maintenance status tracking sheet listing the components installed.
  • The aircraft equipment list.
  • A list of the STC's installed on the aircraft.
  • An up to date list of Service Bulletins complied with.
  • A copy of your company logo to upload into the document.(ACCEPTABLE FORMATS INCLUDE JPG or GIF)

03. What type of customer service or technical support can I expect?
AviationManuals personnel have many years experience in the aviation industry. We are available to address any technical concerns and assist with the FAA review process of your MEL. Additionally, our Customer Service Department can provide support with website, billing or general inquiries.

04. What is a Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)?
The MMEL contains a list of equipment and instruments that may be inoperative on a specific type of aircraft. It is also the basis for the development of an individual operator's MEL. The Master Minimum Equipment List is the FAA document from which the operators MEL manuals must be created. Each certified aircraft has its own MMEL.

05. What is an MEL?
The MEL is the specific inoperative equipment document for a particular make and model aircraft by serial and registration numbers. FAR Part 91 MEL consists of the MMEL for a particular type aircraft, the MMEL’s preamble, the procedures document, and a LOA. The FAA considers the MEL as an STC. As such, the MEL permits operation of the aircraft under specified conditions with certain equipment inoperative. The MEL for part 135 operators utilizes the MMEL, applies the specific aircraft details, and includes the Maintenance (M) and Operations (O) procedures indicated in the MMEL.

06. What are Maintenance (M) and Operations (O) procedures?
The (M) and (O) procedures are the specific actions required to defer certain items located in the MEL? These items can sometimes be supplied by the manufacturer or fabricated based on maintenance or operational data.

07. Do I need an MEL if I am a 91 Operator?
It is best to refer to FAR Part 91.213 and AC 91-67 as there are two different methods for Part 91 operations to operate the aircraft with inoperative equipment. Although the use of an MEL is one method as described in 91.213(a), however there is another method described in 91.213(d).

08. What is a Fleet MEL?
The operator may elect to have a single MEL for multiple aircraft listed in their Operation Specification/Management Specification (OpSpec/MSpec) D085, if they are the same make and model. This is known as a Fleet MEL.

09. Do the MELs address aircraft with RVSM?
Yes, when ordering your MEL the system will inquire whether your aircraft is RVSM compliant.

10. How much are revisions?
Within the first 90 days of your MEL purchase, there will be no charge for revisions resulting from the release of a required revision to the Master MEL. All other revisions are done at a flat rate or hourly cost depending on the nature of the revisions.